Here we go again... 日本にいけましょ

It's almost that time again... Time to visit the other side of the planet. :)

While this will be our third trip to Japan it will be our fist to western Japan. The place where the tourists typically go. We usually try to avoid the most touristy of areas on our journeys but some places you just need to see.
While Osaka and Kyoto will be the main attractions (and tourist destinations) we plan to venture out to some smaller places like Kobe, Himeji, Nara, and perhaps even up to Lake Biwa (the largest freshwater lake in Japan). This should help break up the tourist madness a bit and provide the much more relaxed atmosphere we enjoy.
And who doesn't want to see a torii gate in the lake?!? :D

(not my photo. Hopefully I'll get my own.)

We already know that we will not have sufficient time to see all that we want to see but we plan on having a blast while attempting to do so. :D

We are still a few weeks out yet but if you would like to follow along you can stalk us on Instagram and perhaps I will try a public Google Photos album this round. Not sure yet. Whatever doesn't take time away from gawking and things and taking too many photos in the first place. ;)


Susan Rakestraw said…
You avoided the touristy areas the first two go arounds? *gasp!* it's as if you were an anthropology major! Lol
You'll have to do the Jamaica thing some day and hit up Wolde Kristos to take you all around the cool kid areas! Such a cheap trip, too (once you get there)
Jason Lee said…
I don't know to what it is that you are referring... ;)
But yeah, I would really like to see Jamaica. Especially the places the cool kids go. :D

The world is just so darn big. :P

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