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With a Brave Heart

I'm not even sure where to begin. We experienced so many amazing and beautiful things on this trip. It is still hard to believe that some of the sites we saw in Scotland were actually real. It is no wonder so many movies are filmed there. For a trip with such a poor start it ended up being amazing.

And why not start there... At the beginning.
The trip started off with a six hour delay getting out of Springfield which caused us to miss our connecting flight in Chicago and in turn put us a day late arriving in Dublin.
The cause of said delay? A goose. Yep. A goose who happened to be flying at 6000 feet. A goose who, for whatever reason, decided to headbutt the wing of the plane coming into Springfield. The plane that was supposed to take us to Chicago...
Needless to say American Airlines decided not to send that particular plane back out with a massive dent in the wing and an excess of goose juice...

After a good bit of phone calling and rebooking we did manage to get out of Springf…

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