Looking to the future...

Welcome to UnRuheLee.com, our new home for sharing all things travel, food, and furry friend related.
In the past we have primarily shared our adventures with friends and family via Google+ but it appears Google has other plans...

As Google+ nears its end those of us who still use the service are being forced to look for alternatives for sharing and talking about the moments and events that matter.
In our case we decided just to focus everything around this website.

Here we will share longer form thoughts and adventures.
Blogs, however, do not lend themselves to quick and easy photo sharing. For that we had to look to other solutions. The first thought was simply to use Google Photos and share albums. That works great for just sharing the photos. You an even add a description but it really isn't that easy to find and while others can comment on photos it just doesn't seem to flow all that well. So for the moment we have set up Instagram accounts for publicly sharing photos with our friends and family. This will allow people to follow along on our adventures without the need to make an account on yet another service.

I have also revived my long dead blog, Batcaveweb.com. There I will share other more nerdy stuff that most of the family doesn't care to see. We will try to keep this blog slightly more focused for those who care to follow along. :)

Links to our other sites and profiles will always be available in the sidebar for easy navigation making this site our home page on the internet.

For now this blog will continue to auto publish to Google+ as well. At least until Google removes that feature. You may also find us at the sites listed below (which will also be in the sidebar):

This site - UnRuheLee.com
Jason's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jasonandrewlee/
Jason's blog - Batcaveweb.com
Jason's Google+ (while it lasts) - https://plus.google.com/+JasonLeeA

See you around the internet! :D


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